Doctor Who Tardis Jewelry Box

$ 19.99

Store your jewelry in something that deals with Time and Relative Dimension in Space with this Doctor Who TARDIS Jewelry Box. It's bigger on the inside than you might think! Complete with 7 drawers, 3 metal hooks, and a ring hanger, there's space to keep your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and Time Lord fob watches tidy. This "sexy" TARDIS Jewelry Box also features a built-in mirror! Both practical and stylish, it's an ideal gift for any Doctor Who fan. The box itself is made of a thick cardboard material with glossy color coating. The TARDIS jewelry box stands about 12-inches tall. Doctor Who Tardis Jewelry Box - Officially Licensed! This Jewelry Box is bigger on the inside. 7 Drawers, 3 Metal Hooks, Ring Hanger, and Mirror Space for all of your jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches Measures 8.5 inches tall, 5 inches on each side

Doctor Who Tardis Jewelry Box is 100% licensed by Diamond and belongs in our Gifts category.

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