Game of Thrones Stark Apron and Oven Mitt

$ 14.99

What does it mean to cook like a Stark? Well, to be fair we're not quite certain. The Starks don't really seem to be foodies in any of the seasons. It's the southerners that seem to be the true gourmets. This doesn't mean that the Northern kingdom wouldn't enjoy a good meal, though. You have to assume that cooking and baking in the north would be all about comfort food. We imagine their kitchens would be rich with the smells of venison stew, meat pies, and oatcakes fresh from the oven. To tell you the truth, we'd take the cuisine of the North over the fancy wines of the south any day! If winter is coming in your little kingdom and you're getting ready to whip up some comfort food, this cooking set is just what you need to put you in the right mindset. It includes a gray apron with the wolf head sigil on a corner and Game of Thrones written on the chest. You'll also get an oven mitt printed with the sign of the Starks so everyone will know where your allegiance lies! Winter is coming, it's time to fire up that stove!

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