Jaws Large Shark T-Shirt

$ 21.99

Ahhh yes. Let's talk about that large great white shark starring in the original Jaws movie. Before Jaws, movies were not filmed in oceanic waters which was a major obstacle in itself. The main obstacle would be creating a believable monster-sized shark. After experimenting with large rubber sharks and considering the impossible feat of training a great white, the young Steven Spielberg desperately selected building a 25-foot remote control vessel convincing special effects guru Bob Mattey, the man responsible for the giant squid in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. The film crew would suffer through numerous technological malfunctions but would eventually endure in creating Steven Spielberg's first major blockbuster. This blue heather shirt with a huge great white imposed on it it simply awesome and comfortable.

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Jaws Large Shark T-Shirt is 100% licensed by American Classics and belongs in our T-Shirts category.

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