M*A*S*H T-Shirt

$ 19.99

- Military Green T-Shirt
- 100% Cotton
- Adult Slim Fit

Based on a 1968 novel, CBS's M*A*S*H TV show was categorized as a situational comedy, dark comedy or dramedy due to the often dramatic subject material. An allegory for the Korean War, the Vietnam War (which was still going during the series run) and the Cold War. The show writers faced difficulty with balancing controversial topics and commenting on the war while simultaneously not seeming to protest it. Almost cancelled in its first season, M*A*S*H would become one the highest rated TV shows in history running for eleven season accumulating 256 episodes. The series finale attracted 125 million people becoming the most watched TV episode of all time. 

Relive those wonderful years with this MASH TV Show t-shirt.

M*A*S*H T-Shirt is 100% licensed by American Classics and belongs in our T-Shirts category.

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