Soft Kitty Big Bang Shirt - Woman Fit

$ 21.99

- 100% Cotton
- Junior Fit
- Ships in One Day

Soft Kitty is a song on The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon Cooper's mother used to sing to him while he was sick as a child. He explains this to Penny in "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" when he is sick and asks her to sing the song to him. He also sings it to others if they fall ill. Soft Kitty is based on a real modern, yet traditional, song named "Warm Kitty" by Edith Newlin. We thought our collection of tees deserved a Soft Kitty woman fitted addition. Enjoy!

Soft Kitty Big Bang Shirt - Woman Fit is 100% licensed by Ripple Junction and belongs in our T-Shirts category.

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Big Bang Theory TV Woman Fit

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