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Past Boxes

We keep things mysterious by making sure each person experiences a unique box opening. Although we may host special themed months, we shake things up a little by swapping out the items. The below examples are actual boxes that shipped, but will not exactly represent every order - and that's a good thing.  

This Year

This year, we've strayed away from themes, but each month, you will enjoy a variety of amazing officially licensed items. The below images are actual boxes that have shipped. All boxes are pretty much stacked this way, but every box you receive will be different. 

This first box is an example of a Gal box which includes a Batman raglan tee, Sebastian Pop, Batman Dorbz, Walking Dead socks, Zelda candy, DC Comics mystery mini and Hungry Games earrings.

Gal Box

The next box, a guy box, was packed with a Batman Earth One Pop, Suicide Squad tee, Gears of War mystery mini, Supernatural cards, Zelda candy and a Han Solo wallet.

Comic Pop Box

Finally, this last box that shipped includes a Firestorm Funko Pop, Ant-Man tee, Batman pin, Goku Pocket Pop keychain, Supernatural cards, Civil War mystery minis, and Star Trek shot glass. How cool is that?

Comic Pop Box variance


- All boxes contain 100% officially licensed merchandise.

- Every box is unique keeping the mystery alive.

- Your first box ships right away usually within 2 days.

- All boxes have a high dollar value worth at least $50 retail.

- Some boxes include bonus highly collectible items such as chases and exclusives.

- Every subscriber has a chance to win a Super Comic Pop Box.


March 2016 - DC Comics

In March, we anticipated the movie, Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice, with a DC Comics themed box. Most guys received a GCPD hat, Superman t-shirt or jersey, Batman Dorbz (1 of 3 variances), a ceramic shot glass, crew or ankle socks, DC pins and a wallet. Again, not every box is the same, so some items might have been swapped with a matted print, vinyl Pop! collectible, travel cup or mystery mini. Most women received a Wonder Woman Jersey, Batman Dorbz, Wonder Woman wallet, Wonder Woman flashlight/keychain, Batman print, DC pins and a Batman necklace.

DC Comics Box

February 2016 - The Walking Dead

We celebrate The Walking Dead as the second part of season 6 premieres. The primary difference between gal and guy boxes this month is the t-shirt style. Every box includes one of five t-shirt variances, one of many Walking Dead POP collectibles, a Walking Dead lanyard, key chain, 5x7 Walking Dead fan art with matte, a zombie bottle opener, and one The Walking Dead comic book (issue #149 or #150). Some boxes may include a bonus Walking Dead mystery figure or mini-figure (while supplies last). 

Walking Dead Box


January 2016 - Mixing It Up

Remember, our Comic Pop Box can be tailored to men or women. The gals receive a slightly different box than the guys as you can see below.

The guy box consisted of an Anchorman t-shirt, Spider-man matted art, a vinyl Pop! collectible, Deadpool crew socks, a #1 comic book, Star Wars trading cards and a keyring ranging from Hulk to Jack Skellington plus a bonus Star Trek shot glass (not pictured).

January 2016 Guy Box

The gal box usually has a different junior fitted or shear cut shirt. January's shirts consisted of Goonies, Doctor Who, Friends and so many more. In this box, other items include Harry Potter earrings, Harry Poster necklace, vinyl Pop! collectible, Marvel action socks, Star Wars trading cards, A-Force #1 comic book, Jack Skellington keyring/flashlight, bonus Star Trek shot glass (not pictured) and Spider-Man matted artwork.

January 2016 Gal Box


December 2015 - Star Wars

In December, we mixed it up with a mashup of numerous box types. Some people received a retro movie box, TV box, Superman box, Batman box and a Star Wars box like the below image. This Star Wars box included a Death Star mug, Yoda stein, Vader crew socks, Falcon keyring, Star Wars micro machines, and an AT-AT shirt.