We're Hiring

Send a resume to Flashback Gear if you are interested in working with us


Flashback Gear is increasing hours of operation during the summer and is looking for someone to start working with us now. This part time position may expand past the summer for the right person. 

Job description

Job description includes everything needed to effectively run our store. We love our place, and you should too. If you are not into the products we sell, do not apply. This person will primarily be a cashier and greeter, but will also assist customers, set up new merchandise, input items into inventory and website, participate in marketing including social networks, janitorial duties and more. 


Self motivation. Friendliness. Good Hygiene. Follows Instructions. Loves our Products.

If you are not generally known as a friendly person, do not apply. Uniforms are basically clothing that are related to products we sell. Knowledge of our themes are useful. Other than this, there is not much else required. Tattoos and piercings are welcome unless derogatory.

If you have experience in retail, that is a plus.


Any day must be an option. Most shifts will be 4-8 hours. The total number of hours is expected to be around 20-25. That can move up if we like you. For now, we have people that work Saturday and Sundays, but you may need to fill in once in a while. 

We close each day at 6. We currently open at 11, but will move to 10 in the summer.


Pay starts at $9 per hour. 

Employees receive 50% discount on all merchandise.

How to apply

Email contact@flashbackgear.com your resume. We require a well written resume even if there is little experience or education. We will not except applications any other way unless resume is dropped off in person.