Cuphead Ms. Chalice Pop! Vinyl Figure #416

$ 12.99

Ms. Chalice is always on hand to help any players eager to make a double jump to victory! From the run and gun platform side scrolling video game Cuphead, this Cuphead Ms. Chalice Pop! Vinyl Figure #416 comes packaged in a window display box. Ms. Chalice is a new addition to the 1930s-styled Run N' Gun action game, Cuphead. She is revealed in the upcoming DLC, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. In the main campaign, she is known as The Legendary Chalice, and is an NPC encountered in the Mausoleum levels. Her role in the game is basically that of a "damsel in distress" whom the player has to rescue in order to obtain Super Arts. In the DLC campaign, she takes on a playable form, with a modified moveset that includes a double jump. She is supposedly on a "secret mission" that involves helping Chef Saltbaker.

Cuphead Ms. Chalice Pop! Vinyl Figure #416 is 100% licensed by Funko and belongs in our Toys & Collectibles category.

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