Friends Central Perk T-Shirt

$ 23.99

- Dark Brown T-Shirt
- 100% Cotton
- Junior Fit

Before being accepted by NBC, Friends went through a series of title changes including Insomnia Cafe and Friends Like Us. The series finale in 2004 collected an astounding 52.5 million viewers making it the 4th largest in television history. Psychologists have studied the cultural impact of Friends during it's run on television. Anniston's Rachel haircut "The Rachel" was copied by women around the globe, Joey's cache phrase "How you doin'" became popular Western slang and the American use of "so" accelerated during the time of the show's running. The Central Perks coffee house has influenced many small shops around the world including a Central Perk franchise created by an Iranian businessman. Pretend you work at the fictional, yet non-fictional, nemesis of Starbucks by wearing your very own shirt!

Friends Central Perk T-Shirt is 100% licensed by Trevco and belongs in our T-Shirts category.

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Friends TV Woman Fit

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