Golden Age Green Lantern Archives Hardcover Vol.1

$ 49.95

Graphic Novel by Bill Finger, Martin Nodell & Various

Reprinting the first appearances of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott from All-American Comics #16-30 and Green Lantern (1st series) #1 in their entirety, this hardcover volume features a brand-new cover by legendary Green Lantern artist Martin Nodell, inked by Jerry Ordway. Included: the debut of Green Lantern sidekick Doiby Dickles, as well as the establishing of certain elements - the power ring, the Green Lantern oath, etc. - that would endure for more than fifty years. HC, 7x10, 240pg, FC

Golden Age Green Lantern Archives Hardcover Vol.1 is 100% licensed by Diamond Comics and belongs in our Books category.

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