Comic Pop Box

$ 29.99

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You're going to love this month's geek subscription box, Comic Pop Box, specifically made for Funko fanatics, TV lovers, movie fans, and comic readers. 


How it works

Each month, we surprise you with a unique group of incredible items. Subscription boxes are packed official apparel, gifts, art, books, and gear. Sometimes they are themed, and all boxes are packed full of killer stuff. 

Upon purchase, the very first box usually ships within one to three business days. 


What you get in each box

1. Each contains five to seven gifts with a retail value of $45 to $50. Items may include t-shirts, Funko toys, collectible keychains, wallets, comic books, graphic novels, badges, jewelry, desk items, trading cards, matted artwork, Legos, socks, mugs, travel cups, figures, shot glasses, toys and so much more! The list of incredible gifts is endless, but every item is quality merchandise that every geek will love.

2. Most mystery gifts are officially authorized and licensed merchandise. 

3. We continue to discover limited edition and collectible items to pass on to our subscribers. 

Every month may not include a shirt. 


You Could Win the Super Comic Pop Box

Each month, one of every one hundred Comic Pop Box subscribers is randomly selected to receive a monstrous Super Comic Pop Box. This box measures 20" X 14" X 6" and is full of geeky goodies. You have a 1% chance every single month to receive this incredible crate of nerdy gear (on top of your normal monthly box).



Amazing Gifts - Each and every month you receive a unique gift full of amazing, licensed and official items without paying retail prices.

No Long Commitments - You can cancel anytime by emailing us even if you prepaid many future months. No long commitments are required. Without cancelling, you can also skip any month if you do not want an upcoming themed box.

For Collectors - Many items are collectible and limited by the manufacturers.

Incredible recurring gift for just about anyone. 

Select a box for guys or gals! 


Boxes that have shipped 

Your box will not be the same as your neighbor's keeping things interesting. Each month, boxes are filled with miscellaneous stuff, so you're not going to get a wallet or mug every single month. We try to change it up and keep things fresh and fun.

See past boxes now.

Star Wars Subscription Box


Subscription boxes for men and women.

Our subscription boxes are loaded with awesome merchandise, but we do craft them according to gender. Let's face it, men and women like different stuff. Women may wear different socks, earrings, and shirt types. We work diligently to craft a wonderful opening experience for everyone. 


Other stuff you should know

Your first box(s) ships immediately. The next monthly boxes will arrive every thirty days.

We charge $6.99 for standard shipping to most states. The rate depends on which USPS zone you are located in. Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico shipping rates are $10.99. You will see and approve the shipping rate before final purchase. 

Gals should consider choosing one shirt size larger since some women shirts are junior fit and may be smaller than expected. When we are out of stock, we typically select the men's shirt with the closest measurements.



When you select a prepaid subscription plan, we will ask you if the commitment is a gift. Gifts do not auto-subscribe after all months have been fulfilled. 


Easy to cancel

To cancel your subscription, please email us, call us or cancel using your control panel. It is an easy and painless experience. Please try to cancel 48 to 72 hours before your next box order processes to avoid the next billing cycle. If you have prepaid, we will refund any remaining balance.

You can also skip any month (rather than canceling) by emailing us. 


Recent Reviews

"I had a wonderful experience! Quick delivery and emails to update you on your box throughout the way. I loved all of the items in my box! Would definitely recommend comic pop to anyone. Two thumbs way up!"

"I subscribe to A LOT of similar boxes, but your box was AMAZING! The theme was spot on, I loved the shirt (still wish they were available in a size larger, I'm a big dude) but everything was perfect. I canceled another box to make sure I could continue getting yours! Keep the cool stuff coming!"


Comic Pop Box is 100% licensed by Comic Pop and belongs in our Gifts category.

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