Rocky Clubber Lang Shirt

$ 21.99

In Rocky III, Balboa pretty much gets mauled by Clubber Lang, played by Mr. T. Basically, Rocky must rethink his place in the boxing world as he learns many of his fights through the years were hand picked by his management staff to keep the boxer successful. With Apollo Creed's help, he must relearn his boxing roots and find "The Eye of the Tiger." or hopes of winning a rematch are futile. Mr. T plays a ruthless foe in the role as Clubber Lang that skyrockets the actor into superstardom.

Although this shirt appears white, it is actually more of an off-white or natural color.

Celebrate Mr. T with this Clubber Lang t-shirt that ships in 5 or 7 business days.

Rocky Clubber Lang Shirt is 100% licensed by American Classics and belongs in our T-Shirts category.

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