SUPER Comic Pop Box

$ 99.95

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The SUPER Comic Pop Box is an incredible Christmas or birthday gift for geeks.

The Super Comic Pop Box was originally invented as an incredible birthday gift for geeks. The range of merchandise changes each month. No single box is the same. Every box includes a huge assortment of gifts that could include toys, collectibles, books, mugs, cups, keychains, figures, shirts and so much more. 

This is not a subscription box.

Unlike, the original Comic Pop Box, the Super Comic Pop Box is not subscription based. This loot is intended as a one-time gift.

How it works

The Super Comic Pop Box is packed with around 20 gifts consisting of art, books, collectibles and gear. Items are typically leftover pieces from past months organized into an incredible deal. These well-rounded boxes may not be themed, but they are spectacular one-time gifts for any geek's birthday or Christmas gift.

Upon purchase, the box usually ships within two to three business days. 

The Super Comic Box is not recommended as a subscription since some merchandise may be the same as previous Comic Pop Box shipments. 

Other stuff you should know

There are no refunds for Super Comic Pop Boxes. 

Although you do select a shirt size, the box may not include a shirt. This will not affect the overall value of the box. The SUPER Comic Pop Box is an amazing deal that helps our little store liquidate inventory.

Every month, 1 of every 100 subscribing Comic Pop Box customers receives this monstrous loot box. A 20" X 14" X 4" box is filled with incredible items. Monthly winners are randomly drawn using third party tools. 

The Comic Pop Box is now owned and operated by Flashback Gear.

SUPER Comic Pop Box is 100% licensed by Comic Pop and belongs in our Gifts category.

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