Superman Uniform Plastic Travel Mug

$ 9.99

This officially licensed Superman travel mug (or cup) sports dual sided graphics and a nifty non-spill lid perfect for any DC Comics fan.

Superman's chest emblem is arguably the most recognizable superhero symbol on the planet. In Action Comic #1 (1938), Superman's emblem started out as a fairly normal "S" on a yellow badge. In Action Comics #7, we see a changed emblem with a red "S" inside a triangle. In 1940, Action Comics #26, Paul Cassidy introduced a more refined "S" inside a diamond shaped triangle - a large step forward in forming what we're used to seeing in modern day. By 1945, Siegel and Shuster finally nailed down the design of Superman's uniform and emblem.

Superman Uniform Plastic Travel Mug is 100% licensed by Icup and belongs in our Gifts category.

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