Wonder Woman Mug

$ 9.99

This 12oz ceramic mug features quality DC Comics licensed art of Wonder Woman screaming "This Woman Hates Mornings." 

Wonder Woman hosts a variety of super powers and weaponry. Her arsenal includes the Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets, a projectile tiara and sometimes an invisible jet. Her abilities include great strength (she rips up steel doors), enhanced speed and agility (she has ran speeds up to 60 mph) and a range of psychic abilities (ESP, telekinesis and telepathy).  She is also multi-lingual to an unlimited degree speaking any language known to man and beyond. Wonder Woman's powers were modified in 1985 during a storyline called Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Wonder Woman Mug is 100% licensed by Icup and belongs in our Gifts category.

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Comics Justice League Wonder Woman

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